Kedron Brook

#imtakingmydog to Kedron Brook

Possibly one of the best parks for dogs and just a 10 minute drive from Brisbane’s CBD, Kedron Brook is a wonderful off leash playground for your pupper, especially if they love water.

If you want to be where all the dogs are at, head to Tindal Street or search in your maps app for “Kedron Brook Floodway Dog Park” or “Kokoda Park” and you will find the wide grassy expanses that track alongside the gently flowing Kedron Brook. Lots of dogs and their loving owners head to this park for playdates so if your pupper is not so happy to make new friends, this park may not be ideal for you.

Whilst there is no need to bring a water bowl (Council has the necessities covered with taps, doggy bowls and waste bags scattered through the area), you will need towels to dry off your fur ball before heading home and we do suggest heading here in mornings or mid/late afternoon as there is not a whole lot of shade following the floodway.

This park is not fenced however the natural landscape offers a enclosed feel making this area a great spot to start some recall training with your pupper, play fetch and the variety of access points to the Brook offer numerous opportunities for your pooch to safely practice their swimming skills.

Such a great meet up spot for puppers and parents and when your done you can pop to one of the local cafe/coffee shops.


If you are planning a visit to this venue;

  • *Bring towels to dry of your pooch if they like to swim and pack a hat and sunscreen if the weather is warm (there is not too much natural shade available). 
  • *Make sure you are comfortable with your dog being in a unfenced park or bring a lead if you are not too sure how well they will go. 
  • *Keep an eye out in the summer months for snakes- we did not see any however we have been told that they have been spotted in the area in warm weather months.

How we rate it:

Play Space (room to move): ****

Vibe (overall venue feel): ***

Puppy Service (treats, water & more): ***






The Green Beacon Brewery

#imtakingmydog to The Green Beacon Brewing Co

If you are looking for a pint or two of a really tasty local craft brew, head on down to The Green Beacon Brewing Co at 26 Helen Street, Teneriffe and yes, you can take your pupper too!

Seeming hidden down an unsuspecting residential street and open 7 days 12pm til late, we popped in on a Sunday afternoon and took up a seat towards the front of the venue. Ted made the most of mingling with both the patrons and the other puppers and to top it off, the friendly staff brought her a tasty little welcome treat.

This venue has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and is very popular with the locals (as it draws a pretty good crowd come late afternoon). If your pupper doesn’t take too well to crowds or noise, head down earlier in the afternoon when it is a touch quieter… if your having a really good time, scoot you fur ball home for dinner and head on back for some human time.

Great venue, great vibe and great beers!

If you are planning a visit to this venue;

  • *Bring a collapsible water bowl and some fresh water for your pooch – they need to stay hydrated too and we found that these items were not provided by the venue when we visited.
  • *Make sure you have a lead, this pupper friendly space is not free-range (I’d suggest either a good walk the morning you are planning to visit so they are ready to just relax, otherwise you may have your hands full).
  • *If your pooch is not a fan of noise or crowds make sure you get here early in the afternoon.


How we rate it:

Play Space (room to move): **

Vibe (overall venue feel): ****

Puppy Service (treats, water & more): **

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