Beau Multiway Itty Bitty


The Beau Multiway Itty Bitty Lead features a gorgeous ombre of soft blue to neutral sandy brown hues and a bunch of options for use.

The multiway lead has been designed for use in a variety of ways and was inspired by our expanded family and the need to have a leash that could be used in all types of scenarios:

– use as a double dog leash where you can walk two pups at once (80cm)

– use as a control/training leash and double clip to a single pup (80cm)

– use as a more traditional leash with small hand loop (140cm) – also works great when you need to tie off your pup when you pop into the shop or stop for coffee,

– use as a short leash with a large hand loop (100cm)

This gorgeous lead has been created with medium/soft lay 8mm marine grade ultra light cotton rope (these leads are designed to suit the teacup and toy breeds only or as a starter lead for puppies, if your pup is a ‘small’ breed we suggest a leash from our Featherlight range). Each lead is hand spliced and small batch dyed and intentionally created to have minimal ‘give’ making them perfect for the itty bitty dogs who like to get moving whilst being super soft on your hands.

Solid brass fixings offer the sweetest finishing touches whilst ensuring strength and each lead is finished with natural hemp cord and solid brass tag with hand engraved serial number – because no two leads are the same!

*Please note, as all leads and finishes are handmade, the item may vary slightly from the image displayed.

** Standard lead length is approx 140cm – If you would like a longer or shorter lead in this style pop us an email, we specialise in custom made leads!


– rope width approx 8mm

– leash length end to end approx. 160cm

– total weight approx. 140g (including fixings)

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