Custom Chameleon Lead


The Custom Chameleon Lead,  just as the name suggests, is completely open to customisation – image to the left is to show you a rough idea of the finished product. This leash is designed for multipurpose functionality and can be used as a regular leash, a dual control leash for one or two pups as well as offering a handy option for when you are out and about for securing your pupper.

(pictured: turquoise/teal and lime ombre with yellow braid at 120cm total length and brass fixings).

Created with 12mm marine grade cotton rope, each lead is hand spliced and small batch dyed. You can choose your preferred colour option/s for the lead including the base lead, the braiding section and the whipping hemp. The lead is finished with either solid brass, rose gold plated brass or zinc dye cast matte black saddlery hardware.

*Please note standard Chameleon lead length is approx. 120cm total (so 60cm when used as a dual control leash)  – but you can specify how long you want them depending on the size of your pup/s this length should be changed to suit.

** Note: We suggest you email us prior to placing the order so we can refine exactly what you want and then place your order here.

Please keep in mind these leads take approximately 1 week to make (includes dyeing, drying and putting it all together)

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