Duo Lead – Tan and Nude (Veg Tanned Leather)


This handmade duo leather lead is made from full grain veg tanned leather. This item has no synthetic covering and has been finished by hand so it will require a little care which will ensure a long lifetime of use.

In case you haven’t heard of it before, veg tanned leather refers to an all-natural process of tanning leather using natural tannins found in various barks and woods. The process takes upwards of two months and unlike chrome tanning (the most common type of tanning process), it is environmentally friendly and safe. Veg tanned leather also offers an element of breathability and flexibility making it more comfortable for you and your pupper.

Please keep in mind that veg tanned leather is designed to transform over time. Exposure to sunlight will naturally tan the leather and enrich its earthy tone (especially the nude coloured leather) and oils from your hands etc will rub off on the leather and darken the edges. This ageing process is possible due to the natural tannins used when tanning the leather and gradually you will notice the personality of your item evolve and develop leaving you with a visual story of its lifetime of use.

Leather Care: The lead/collar has been coated with a natural beeswax and orange oil protectant, however it is important to try to follow the guidelines below;

  1. For the first month of use, avoid taking the lead out in wet weather, you need to give the fibres time to become more flexible with use, once they soften, they are less likely to react with water.
  2. During this first month of use, we also recommend that any spots of water etc are gently wiped into the leather rather then allowing them to sit on its surface.
  3. To ensure longevity, we also recommend applying a natural beeswax leather protectant every few months to keep your item clean and to enhance its water resistance.

Please Note: All nude leather products will note changes in colour and tone over time, this is a natural process and leather lovers will recognize this as a sign of a quality natural product. Embrace the story that use creates on these pieces. The black and brown leathers may transfer a small amount of colour onto light clothing/items, this is a typical characteristic of vege tanned leather and not a cause for concern. The wax protectant we utilize aims to minimize any colour transfer however we cannot guarantee total prevention.

Hardware: All of the lead/collar hardware is made from solid brass, this means it will darken over time as the metal oxidises in the atmosphere. This will not damage the hardware but should you wish to polish it back to its original brilliance, you can use any readily available brass polish (eg. Brasso), just make sure you protect the leather first by covering it with a protective cloth.

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