Lead Rejuvenation Treatment


If your Ted & Patrick lead is in need of a little love you need to book it in for a Rejuvenation Treatment.

What’s included in the treatment?

* Detail wash and stain removal

* Redye in your choice of colour (see redye notes for guidance on options)

* Hardware re-polish (swivel clip and O ring)

* De-piling to remove unwanted “cotton fluff”

* Sealant in semi water resistant sealant spray

* Re-whipping the spliced ends (if required)

How it works?

To carry out the lead rejuvenation we will need you to post or drop off your existing lead to us.

The turn around time is approximately one week to allow for redye and natural drying time.

We will need to be in touch via instagram or email to confirm colour choices and so we can send you photos of the work-in-progress to make sure you are happy.

What colour can I redye my lead?

You are able to choose the same colour to bring back the lead to its original brilliance or you can opt for a darker shade in the same colour or similar colour e.g you can turn a red lead to a dark pink or purple lead but it would be unlikely it will work as a dark blue or green lead.

We can also do ombre effects on your lead e.g redye in the original colour and then blend this colour into a darker tone of the same or similar colour.

What if my Hardware is ruined?

Dont panic – if your hardware needs replacing (which it shouldn’t) we can replace the hardware on your existing lead for an additional $3.00

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