Lullaby Soft Walker Slick Multi Leash


The Lullaby Soft Walker Slick Multi Leash is made totally unique with the sweetest variegated pastel combination of blue and pink rope, rose gold hardware and blush pink slick sliding adjuster.

A shift from our standard multiway leash, the slick multi has been designed  with a streamlined design to minimise joins whilst the slide adjuster allows for use in a variety of ways ;

  1. use as a double dog leash where you can walk two pups at once (80cm)
  2. use as a control/training leash and double clip to a single pup (80cm)
  3. use as a more traditional leash with small hand loop (140cm)
  4. unclip your “handle” loop for easy securing of your pup when you pop into the shop or stop for coffee
  5. or slide the adjuster down, increase your hand loop size and use as a short leash

The Soft Walker Slick Multi leads are made with soft lay 12-14mm marine grade cotton rope which makes them ultra soft, super strong and offers just a gentle stretch making them ideal for medium (including the smaller medium breeds) to large dogs. Each lead is hand spliced and small batch dyed and rose gold plated brass fixings are incorporated to ensure strength. Each lead is finished with natural hemp cord and features a stainless steel tag with hand engraved serial number.

*Please note, as all leads and finishes are handmade, the item may vary slightly from the image displayed.


– rope width approx 12-14mm

– leash length end to end appox. 160cm

– total weight approx. 220g (including fixings)

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