Paddington Soft Collar


New to the the Ted & Patrick product family, the Paddington Soft Collar is made from super light and wonderfully soft 19mm navy webbing known as biothane and finished with solid brass hardware for durability and a touch of elegance.

Biothane: for those of you who have not heard of this product before, biothane is an ultra soft and lightweight polyester webbing with a pvc coating that makes it ultra durable, waterproof, easy to clean and is even rumored to be stinkproof.

Hardware: All of the hardware is made from solid brass, this means it will darken over time as the metal oxidises in the atmosphere. This will not damage the hardware but should you wish to polish it back to its original brilliance, you can use any readily available brass polish (eg. Brasso), just make sure you protect the collar first by covering it with a protective cloth.

Size Guide:

X Small – Fits Neck 24-30cm – Weight approx 46g

Small – Fits Neck 31-39cm – Weight approx 49g

Medium – Fits Neck 39-47cm – Weight approx 54g

Large – Fits Neck 47-57cm – Weight approx 59g

Please note we can make smaller and larger collars by custom order too!

We can also switch out the brass hardware for matte black or rose gold – if you’d like to change the hardware just add a note to your order or pop us an email.

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