Peanut Heavy Duty Lead (16mm)


The Peanut Heavy Duty Lead pairs up ultra black with natural light brown hues.

This heavy duty lead has been created with hand spliced 16mm marine grade cotton rope, solid brass saddlery fixings are incorporated to ensure strength and each lead is finished with natural hemp cord whipping. Every lead features a leather label with hand stamped serial number completed with an anodised embossed tag.

Made from firm lay 3 strand black cotton rope, the heavy duty leads are intentionally created to offer minimal stretch with a smooth but firm feel. This style of lead perfect for large to extra large dogs who like to get moving and may require a little extra control.

*Please note, as all leads and finishes are handmade, the item may vary slightly from the image displayed.

** Standard lead length is approx. 125cm – if you would like a longer or shorter length or would like to pair your heavy duty lead up with more personalised coloured whipping, ask us about a custom lead for your pupper.


– rope width approx 16mm

– leash length approx. 125cm

– total weight approx. 300g (including fixings)


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